Choosing a Reliable Contractor for Installation

When you are choosing a contractor to install a HVAC system for you, you will see that who you choose can actually be more important than even the equipment. As with anything, you should always do some research to learn a bit about who you are considering, but there are some simple tips you can use to make choosing a reliable HVAC contractor for installing your new system simple. You can find more information on choosing a good heating and cooling company on this Winnipeg heating and cooling site.istock_000010909599medium_hvac

  • If you do not know any HVAC contractors, ask around with friends, family members, co-workers and even neighbors to see who they recommend. These people would never mislead you.
  • If no one you knows has any recommendations, head onto the Air Conditioning Contractors of American website and take a look at the list of contractors available in your area. You want to be sure that the contractors have technicians certified by the North American Technician Excellence or partnered up with Energy Star.
  • Never hire someone who gives you a ‘free estimate’ over the phone without ever sending someone out to assess the job to be done.
  • Contractors who are well-trained and up to date will never try to discourage you from purchasing high efficiency equipment because they will know how to install and perform the necessary maintenance. Companies who are not up to date will and will want you to choose older, less efficient products.
  • Be sure that the contractor you are considering gives you a written proposal with details about the equipment to be installed, the prices and the date the job will be complete.Air-Cooled-Chiller2